Meet D4Y POS

Everything you need in one package

A touch screen terminal with the latest payment technology and minimalistic design.
docking station
WiFi connectivity
mobile SIM card plan
10h battery life
5-inch HD touch screen
built in thermal printer

Alwalys ready

The device is ready to use right out of the box and always up to date with automatic updates.
Phone Support
Need some support? Don’t hesitate to call us!
Remote Updates
Will keep your POS software up to date. No hassle.
Start Selling

Let your customers decide how they want to pay and D4Y POS will handle the rest.

Expand your customer base by enabling new and emerging payment methods.
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Pre-loaded SIM card included

Seamless transitions from mobile data to WiFI allow a fully mobile checkout experience. POS connects on the best available network at your location.

Make the most
of it with apps

Take a look at all additional cost-saving or revenue-creating features that your point of sale terminal can have. Choose the ones that suit you best.
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Accept Tips

D4Y POS encourages your customers to tip the best in service. Transparent and visible  for accounting.

Become a Crypto Exchange

Step into the future and become a part of the billion dollar industry. With no prior crypto knowledge.

Connect to Cash Register

Seamlessly connect to your existing cash register with our API.

Buy Now Pay Later

Help your customers afford everything in your store. Get paid in full while they pay later.