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We combined payment methods and POS services into one single solution, transforming the POS terminal into a tool that will help your business grow.
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GoCrypto is the fastest growing crypto payment network providing zero volatility risk for the merchant.
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"Burger King Slovenija is the first physical location of Burger King in the world accepting cryptocurrencies. We are proud to be pioneers in the field of payments. Crypto payments are namely an additional choice and a big acquisition for our customers as they are extremely fast and simple."
Berislav Kramar
CEO, Gastronik, Franchisee of Burger King®
"An important part of the products offered by our winery is a superb customer experience, which also extends to the payment options. GoCrypto brings the latest in the field in terms of cryptocurrency payments, contributing to the satisfaction of our guests with its smooth checkout process."
Aurora Viano
Owner, il Mecenate, Switzerland
"GoCrypto is one of the key features that we implemented to satisfy the technology needs of our clients. The image that we created by being the first in town who accepts crypto payments gave us a head start after the pandemic. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s the future."
Daniel Markov
Owner, Arbat, Bulgaria
"At Žito, we follow trends. We also want to offer our customers purchase options according to their preferences. For this reason, we decided to set up a cryptocurrency payment system at our 37 retail stores throughout Slovenia. The simple and fast process makes it easy to use for our staff."
Dejan Mirković
Director, Žito maloprodaja, Slovenia
"I was pleasantly surprised as we have local customers and tourists who are excited about finally having a place to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And it’s really simple and fast, otherwise it wouldn’t be an option for a fast-paced restaurant like mine."
Tin Žulić
Owner, Kavana Grad, Croatia
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Your customers can use Alma to pay at their own rhythm in 2, 3, 4 installments or pay later whilst you receive settlement into your nominated account upfront.

When Alma is selected as a payment method, the customer simply completes the purchase using a mobile phone.
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Alipay is one of the key payment methods you should offer to expand your business and reach Chinese shoppers from abroad.

93% of Chinese tourists would spend more in a store that accepts Alipay.

WeChat Pay

Chinese tourists represent an important growth opportunity for British retailers, and are expected to spend more than £1 billion this year.

WeChat Pay has over 900 million active users every month.

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